Virtual Terminal Payment Solutions

Virtual Payment Solutions

Never miss an opportunity to take a payment. 
Our virtual terminal solutions enable you to easily take a payment over the phone, create invoices, email payment links, and much more.

Great rates and no hidden fees. 


Accept credit cards on your computer, phone or tablet?

Process payments instantly, even when your customer is not standing in front of you.

What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is a web-based application that allows businesses to process payments in person or remotely. You have the ability to login in from anywhere and securely key-in credit card or checking account information to process a single payment or setup a recurring subscription payment. 

How does it work?

The virtual terminal software is web-based and that provides you with the ability to login using a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. There is no special equipment needed to use a virtual terminal. The software gives you the ability to process payments, set up recurring payments, send payment invoices, create payment links, securely store payment information for future billing and view transaction reports.

What are the benefits?

A virtual terminal is great option for businesses where processing a payment does not require that the card holder be present and you can either take a payment over phone, send the payer a payment link or email a payment invoice. The other benefit is that using a virtual terminal does not require the use of equipment or a credit card terminal.

Three Great Options That Fit Your Business

SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal


The SwipeSimple virtual terminal makes it easy to accept payments at your computer.

Network Merchants Virtual Terminal

Network Merchants

NMI is an omni-channel payment gateway provider that offers online, mobile and in-app payment options.

Paytrace Virtual Terminal


Paytrace is an excellent option for businesses with a focus on B2B sales and level II & III transactions.

easily take a payment over the phone or send a payment link

Take Payments Anywhere

We make it easy to accept credit and debit card payments using your own computer. No special equipment needed so you can get started without any upfront investment.

recurring payments and subscription billing

Set Up Customers For Recurring Payments

Schedule recurring payments, subscription billing and securely save cards on file for future payments.

detailed payment reports

Know who has paid and when

All of our virtual terminal solutions come with built-in reports and real-time analytics that make it easy to get the insights you need. This allows you to focus on the things that matter the most for your business.

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