Why Your Restaurant Should Try Clover Online Ordering With Delivery

  • January 7, 2022
  • /   Jamie Walker
Clover online Ordering with Door Dash
Find out how Clover Point Of Sale with Online Ordering can help you increase sales and save money with delivery service through Door Dash.

Five Payment Trends For 2022

  • December 29, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Five Payment Trends For 2022
In this article, we cover five trends in payments that we think are here to stay and will be impacting businesses and powering sales in 2022.

Five Website Design Trends For 2022

  • December 27, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
2022 Website Design Trends
As a website building platform developer, we have to stay up to date on the latest website trends so that our system stays current and the websites that we build on our platform use design elements that are up to date with the latest trends.

Google Business Profile: What is it and how does it help your business?

  • December 9, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Google Business Profile
Over the last 20 years, Google has become the primary source of information on the Internet, and business owners can lay claim to real estate in the Google-verse with a Google Business Profile.

Clover Online Ordering For Restaurants

  • November 2, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   CLOVER POS
Clover Online Ordering for Restaurants
Restaurants using Clover Point of Sale can make it easier for people to place orders simply by setting up Clover Online Ordering. There is no additional charge to set up an online ordering page and the process to build the online menu is easy as pushing a button in the Clove

Clover Essentials Is Built For Small Business Success

  • November 2, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   CLOVER POS
Clover Essentials For Small Business
Clover Essentials allows a small business owner the flexibility to accept payments without the use of costly hardware. It is the perfect solution for a hairstylist that rents a space in a salon but needs to payment solution for clients or a landscaper .. .

What You Need To Know About Cyber Threats

  • October 26, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   Payment Security
How to protect against Cyber Attacks
Ransomware and data breaches have been in the headlines recently and the expectation among experts that work in digital security is that malicious attacks against government entities and companies will only get worse. Learn what you need to do to protect your business .. .

5 Ways Mobile Payments Help Small Businesses

  • October 6, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Mobile Payments
Our phones and mobile devices have become an extension of our office by making just about every business function accessible simply by using a mobile app. It is a fact that mobile technology has made doing business on the go easier and that helps small businesses be more ..

What You Should Know About PCI Compliance

  • August 20, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   PCI Compliance,Payment Security
Credit Card Security
In this article we define what PCI Compliance is and how data breaches are effecting businesses across the nation. We also discuss 5 simple steps every business can take to be PCI Compliant.

How a Cash Discount Program Can Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees

  • July 15, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Eliminate Processing Fees With Cash Discount
There is not a business owner that I have ever met that does not look for ways to reduce their credit card processing costs. You never hear one say, “before we do this deal can you make sure I’m paying through the nose on my processing fees?”